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I am Eric Hersey. I am an Ohio Valley native. I do digital work for people, for money. I would like to think I am skilled at what I do, but you will be the judge of that.

Done with introductions and want to start judging?

Thanks for sticking with me for more information. Links are tempting, aren’t they?

Let’s dig a bit deeper into why you might want to contact me at the end of this journey.

Leadership and Project 

When did the Mighty Ducks come out?

(Quick Google Search)

1992...My earliest memory of being a project manager. I gathered 12 of the neighborhood kids together and pitched the idea of our own roller hockey team. I took out every library book on NHL teams that summer (not realizing their history wouldn’t help us get any better). I played NHL Hockey on Sega every day to learn the rules (but mainly to get my characters in fights). We managed to get some equipment, we practiced, and we even handmade jerseys. The Martins Ferry Phantoms played two games. We were destroyed in both.

My team as a 2nd grader might not have been super successful, but I did manage to tap into a passion (not hockey - sorry Gordon Bombay), leadership. I went on to lead many passion projects and continue to this day.

Please, right brain, take over.

It’s funny that I can’t see the damn lady rotating both directions, but my resume proves that I can tap into my creative side.

I’ve directed hours of pointless videos, wrote pages upon pages of stories, designed countless logos, and wasted so much time playing in Photoshop.

Numbers, Analytics and

Do you hate tracking things? You know, like if your boss said, track everything you did today. Would you hate that?

Yeah, I don’t. I actually do it for social experiments, for analysis, and just for curiosity. I actually do this with nearly everything in life. This makes me super dorky, yet helpful if you need that kind of tracking in your life.

In 1999 I made my first website. In 2004 I graduated with three associate degrees dealing with websites. In (insert current year) none of that matters.

It’s not just websites that evolve. Systems, tools, technology, strategies....basically everything you know will need to be flushed and the new software needs to be installed. Luckily, this is always a priority.

Anyone that works with me has heard me singing the praise of I have more hours logged on Lynda than I do Netflix (and I’ve binged watched The Office more times than I can count). My current version will always be upgrading.

Wow, you are a great listener. You made it all the way here (let’s pretend you didn’t skim and read the whole thing). I know you skipped a lot of links on your way here, but now you are kind of at a stand still. How about this, we pretend you are on reading a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

A Giant Bear is chasing you through an abandoned warehouse. You have two doors. One that says “Learn About Eric Hersey’s Digital Process” and the other “Eric Hersey’s Portfolio of Work”. Pick one quickly!

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