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There are a lot of words on this website. So many words that I hope the search engine robots take note and reward accordingly. But I didn’t build this website just to please the robots and spiders, I built this to showcasse some of my previous projects and convince you to send me a message and later money. For this reason, I give examples of previous individuals and projects that trusted me with their brand and company.

Graphic Design
Web Design
Web Development

Single Location Commerce Website

Dealing with national brands can be a huge positive. Learning how to leverage these national brands to get local website traffic is difficult, but we know how to get the job done.

Community, Parks & Recreation Website

Informational hierarchy might sound fancy but it's not really fancy, it's difficult. How to organize over 100 pages on a website is a goal I took and ran with it.

Helpful, Informational Website Design

Working with build-it-yourself website tools seem like a great idea for a company - until you have specific objectives to accomplish. was not the answer for this client.

Higher Learning WordPress Website

Being a helper in a project doesn't bother me. Now and then, you just need a guy that will tell you where to put stuff and why. I enjoy being the boss.

Adventurous, Outdoors Tourism Website

It's so much fun when you get awesome photos to play with for a website. It's even better when you have extra time and extra skills to showcase.

Medical Program WordPress Website

Converting your old HTML website can be problematic. Old technology means a lot of copy and pasting and lots of manual labor. Being organized is important to ensure you don't leave anything out.

Cutting Edge, Marketing HubSpot Website

Learning a new CMS and language is not a fun thing to do - especially when your first project is for the company selling the product. It was a learning curve, but we came out smarter.

Green & Clean WordPress Website

The message of your website needs to be easily displayed and understood. Sometimes you use words, other times you use images, and often you use whitespace.

Industry Leading Property Management Website

When using WordPress as your CMS, you tend to expect certain things to happen. When a giant launch on their end happened, I had to regroup and modify some hard work to make sure this client got what they paid for.

Creepy, Historic Custom WordPress Website

Making custom websites for the paranormal is extremely exciting. Take a look at how I created a brand from scratch and watched the happy haunts materialize.

Membership Single-Page WordPress Website

Moving quickly, yet making sure you pay close attention to detail is part of my daily job. When you have a deadline, creating a plan and sticking to that plan helps us achieve our goals.

High Traffic Single Product Website

Projects can be difficult when one person starts and the other person finishes. It is an art form to get the information back from a client when they already explained it to several others.

Comfortable Healthcare Website

Getting the exact information needed for the users is important. Sometimes you can get it done in one draft and sometimes it takes some edits.

Modern, Professional Attorney WordPress Website

When you work with a well-known, trusted brand - you make sure you pay special attention to detail. See how we enhanced their digital game and I managed to avoid 'typos'.

Database Driven Fantasy Football Website

If you want to talk about a passion project, let's talk about making a custom fantasy football website. Find out how I managed to take over ten years of stats and turn it into a dynamic database.

Hard-Hitting Website Code

When you learn new skills, you want to put them to use. Good thing I had some favors to repay and some new code I wanted to 'work-out'.

Real Estate Attorney Website

When you don't know, you don't know. I know the web and my client knew law. We both knew he had to get out of that Hibu website and save some money.

Electric Local Business Website

Starting from scratch can be easy or it can be difficult. It usually depends on how well the client can communicate their business to you and your ability to make that enjoyable for a user.

Sleek Business Website

When you are asked to take pictures of glass, how do avoid the glare? Luckily, I'm not taking the pictures but making the slick website that showcases the work.

Internal Employee & Marketing Website Combination

Sometimes you have a website for the customers and other times you have a website for your employees. Every now and then, you get both in one package.

Statewide Blog and Informational Website

Having multiple authors and website administrators can complicate a project. A good plan can help make everything work seamlessly and everyone doing the job they are paid to do.

Convenient, Local Store Website Development

Having several locations with unique offerings and specials can be tricky. Making sure each location has a brand to promote to their audience was our main goal and we crushed it.

Volunteer Recruitment WordPress Website

When a client doesn't have a large budget, you find ways to save them money anyway you can. Finding an acceptable free Wordpress Theme is a solution.

Joomla CMS to WordPress Preschool Website

From Joomla to Wordpress, the students weren't the only ones learning new languages in this pre-school. Find out how we made the transition from one CMS to another.

Cost Saving, Insurance Website

When you offer more than one product, it can be tricky to get all of the information on a website in a logical order. Highlighting the correct areas of expertise is important.

Local Business Equipment Website

When service is a top priority, how do you get your customers to understand this before actually 'working' with you? Our goal was to provide great service to this client, who provides great service.

Money-Saving Multi-Location Website

You do your best to make sure you get everything right the first time, but now and then, you have to change everything to get the right product. Changing themes is sometimes what needs done.

School Recruitment Single-Page WordPress Site

Not all websites need to be pure works of art and head-turners. I'm not saying that a website doesn't have to look good - a poorly designed website will kill your brand image.

Colorful, Multi-Product Website

Even clients from Pittsburgh choose the Ohio Valley for affordable and creative solutions. When I got to work with a paint company, I stayed within the lines.

One-of-a-kind Design Website

Whatever happens behind the scenes in development is not a concern for the client. Even though I shuffled around some help, this project looked beautiful and launched without a problem.

Franchisee Single-Page Website

When you need a website done quick for an upcoming sale, you find your best option and get working. Beauty takes a backseat to practical.

Difference Making, Single-Page Website

Working with multiple partners and agencies can be difficult. It's not difficult when everyone understands their role and goals. This project had four companies involved and was as smooth as butter.

Bombshell Custom CMS Website

Making a pretty website is not always the main objective. Although this custom CMS website worked perfectly for me, it wasn't the best option for the client. Find out what lessons I learned.
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