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Designing a website, launching a YouTube channel, or even making an effective social media ad requires some thought. We do have some maniacs out there that just throw something at the wall and see if it sticks, but I need a little more order in my life. You are talking to a guy that tracks his every move on one app or another. I treat every project the same. Our Goal, Our Timeline, and Our Results.

All projects are different in need and scope, but everything tends to follow this process.

Caine the Brain First Meeting

First Contact

You have a product, brand, business, or message you need help with. You find my website, my busines card, or ME in person. You talk, I listen. I jot down some notes. We setup a time to meet and swap places. I talk, you listen.

Between our meetings, I need to do some research. Can I actually help you? I might look at your current product, competition, and industry metrics. I make my decision. This is something we can do.

Caine the Brain Talking Money During Web Design Process

Meet Again & Talk Money

We meet again. Sometimes this is over the phone, sometimes this is at a lunch, and sometimes this is an email. Whatever the method, the meeting goes like this. I give you an idea of what I can do to help. Most of the time this includes a timeline and quote. If we agree, we move on to the next exciting step.

Caine the Brain Working During Web Design Process

Setup & Content

Do you already have a brand? You might have a website and logins. Well, I will need those. Vector graphics and collateral, those will help move things along. If you don’t have those things or they are not needed for this project, that’s okay. I am sure we will need to set up some type of account and create the voice for your project. This is the step where we get our Word or Notepad and start typing.


Some of these relationships just don’t work out. If this is the case, we usually figure it out pretty early…before we get married and buy a house together. This is tough for me to say, but it’s usually You. Sometimes you weren’t ready for the commitment. A website, especially, requires a lot of teamwork. See, I don’t know anything about Heating and Cooling. Without you giving me information, I can’t make a website about furnaces. I can make your company seem rather silly by talking about Ductwork because you didn’t approve the draft content. We both will have timelines and we can make it the long haul if we work together. Let’s prep for that silver anniversary.
Caine the Brain Designing During Web Design Process

Design & Development

Funny to think we are just now talking about colors and graphics. We need to make sure the message is clear before we start doing any of the fun creative things. You just approved the content for the project so now we start finding the best ways to bring it to the public. We talked about your goals and I will engineer a solution. This might take a few, but I will keep you involved during the design so that we can catch anything that doesn’t feel right.

Caine the Brain Testing During Web Design Process

Testing, Sampling, & Playing

We have a finished product! Maybe. There's often a lot of moving parts and sometimes we need to tweak here and there. Let’s get in there and do some testing. How does this website look on an iPad Mini? Does my colorblind brother see the text on this digital ad? The lower-third on the video cuts off his last name. We catch all of these things before the public does.

Caine the Brain Excited to Launch During Web Design Process

Launch Party

Put that hat on the ground and let the nickles pour in. We launch. We double check to make sure everything is working. We continue testing. We tweak. We track. It feels good to get this project out of development, but the work is never done.

Caine the Brain Babysitting During Web Design Process

Post Launch Babysitting

Did you think I was going to just kick you to the curb after the project launched? This is my baby just as much as yours. I want to be there for the first haircut and during the first crash on their bike. I will make the necessary changes and put on any bandaids to make sure this project remains healthy.

Caine the Brain Doing Maintenance During Web Design Process

Doctor Visits & Maintenance

Some projects might need a little more help than others. Granted, you have the tools available to take care of business, but maybe you just want some additional help. I can make that change, send you that report, or push your content. Maybe it’s once a week, once a month, or once a year. You still have my contact information, right?

Did you read all of that?

How does it feel to be so deep in the buying cycle?

If you are ready to talk,

If you are still researching,

Either way, you have reached the bottom and should make a move.
There are people waiting behind you.

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