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As much as I would like to think you are here to learn more about me, Eric Hersey, the person, I know that is not true. You want to see if there is something I can help you with. Not only that, you want to see if I can help you with a reasonable timeframe and price. I have done my best to list several of the solutions I can offer you and your brand. Don’t be scared and click on the topics that interest you. Let’s reduce my sites bounce rate.


There is a website for everything these days. Who is making all of these websites? Where are they being stored? Are we going to run out of living space for all of these new sites?

These are the questions NO ONE is asking.

Websites are so engrained in our day to day life, we take them for granted. One person that doesn't take a website for granted - the person who needs one. How much does a website cost? Should I try and design the website myself? How do I get a domain?

These are the questions EVERYONE that needs a website asks.


Keywords are stuffed everywhere on the web. This page has over 1,000 keywords. Now, how do you get the search engines to recognize these keywords? Optimiziation of course! Well - not exactly - but we do actually get to dictate the importance of the words on our website.

It's not about inserting keywords into META tags anymore. SEO is a complicated and everchanging job. Even thought it may seem like a guessing game, I take great pride in reverse enginerring the algothrims so we can predict our outcomes.

My newest prediction: you click on the button below to learn more!


Let's keep your website fresh. Not like Will Smith sitcom 'fresh' - although I wouldn't complain. What I am really talking about is new, original content. Turns out that your 'human' users and 'bot' users both love fresh content. Stack those shelves with blogs, pictures, articles, videos, and various canned goods.

Having a full inventory of content is one way to keep the customers satisfied. Content Marketing also helps build trust and a relationship with your users. They will keep coming back, buying your canned goods - even if they cost a little bit more than Walmart.


I have been making digital graphics since 1993. Yes, my Tandy computer had a sweet Paint Program. I upgraded a few times (MS Paint < CorelDRAW < Macromedia Flash < Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator). These programs and names probably mean nothing to you, but that's kind of the goal. You want an expert to help design you a graphic.

I don't think there is a better feeling in the world than taking a blank canvas and creating something personalized for you. Well, maybe there are better feelings - but it's Top 5 for sure.


Wow. I have to talk about social media and I only have two paragraphs on this page to do it. Should I just start listing the networks? Maybe I should just go Live and talk to you about them. I got it! I will make a board of images about social networks and you can browse through to see what inspires you.

Social media is pretty important and there are sooooo many networks out there. What's even scarier is that each audience is made up of different demographics and expectations. Luckily, I either fit into those demographics or do enough research to know how not to annoy those I don't fit in.


If it were up to me, I would be watching someone vlog about this website - instead of reading, scrolling, and clicking. Even better, how about someone reading the passages of this website (at 2x speed). If you are anything like me, you know the importance of video and audio in todays digital world.

Mastering the land of podcasts or producing the next viral video is something that takes more skill than luck. Sure, I can't promise you that your podcast about Frank Lloyd Wright will be a hit - but at least it will sound good.

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