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If you look at any search enging for “How Often Should I Redesign My Website“, you will find all of the results coming from web design companies. I would be skeptical because, WE ALL GET PAID when you get a new website. But, they are speaking the truth.

About every 3-years you need a new site. Technology moves so quickly and the search engine algorithms change daily.

  • If you made a Flash website in 2008, you weren’t eligbile for ranking in 2011.
  • If you made a website in 2011, you were penalized for not being responsive in 2014.
  • If you made a website in 2014, your bulky backend slowed down your speed results and you got bumped back three search pages.
  • If you made a website in 2017….well, you get the point.

Think about how much money you put in advertisng for 3-years? The website cost doesn’t seem to bad, does it?

Credit for the whole Ladder, Painting, Magnifying Glass, etc... goes to Yoko Ono. I heard about this from a John Lennon interview and it was needed for this page. Read more at Wikipedia.

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