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Designing and developing a website takes a lot of words - when done right. All of those words are scanned by bots and turned into the search engines database. If you want to show up in search engines, you need to optimize those words. Design+ is getting you on the right track for ranking. We focus on making 20 keyword-optimized pages that will get your customers clicking. Oh yeah, we also make sure you have a sleek design!

Day 1

Make First Contact

If you are ready, fill out the form below and let's get to work.

Day 2-10

We Talk

We can chat on the Internet, on the phone, or face-to-face. Let's discuss your goals and how we can accomplish them.

Day 11-30

Let's Commit

Once we know that we both can help each other, we get somethign in writing.

Day 31-90

Backend, Keywords, and Content

Once you open up access to your host, we start building out the site and a digital plan. We find the most effective keywords and we start building.

Day 90-120

The Whole Package

Once we get started, it's tough to slow us down. We start making pages, optimizing your content, and putting together a beautiful responsive website. We test. We launch. We party.


$ 5,995
Web Design (Pre-built WordPress Theme)
Web Development (WordPress Plugins)
Web Analytics (Setup with Dashboard)
Web Content (Created from Scratch)
UX Design (Pre-built WordPress Theme)
Web Accessibility (Pre-Built WordPress Theme)
Images and Graphics (Stock & Client Provided)
Speed & Optimization (Keyword Focus)
Website Security & Backups (Defaults)
Content Marketing (Pages)
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