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We all know Content is King. We have heard it a million times. I probably have said it four or five times on this website. Although I love King Vitamin, I will bend the knee to Content. How do you keep his kingdom functional? You pay your taxes and provide him with your precious thoughts and time.

Content Marketing can be blogging. You can publish multimedia. You can even push an E-Book. The goal is to create something of value and releash it into the wild. When your users find it, they will come aboard and help grow the kingdom.


What should I write? Why should I write it? Should I even write it? Together we work on a digital strategy and find out what people are searching and why that topic even matters. Maybe that one customer you get turns 25x the profit. Maybe the 1000 customers you attract are jerks. We can develop the right content to write.

Landing Pages

There are many pilgrims out there. When that Mayflower finally hits your site, we want to make sure they setup a good settlement and not journey elsewhere. Let's make sure they have a place for shelter, food, and the neighbors are nice. This settlement (page) is crucial in determining if they want to make it permanent.

Keyword Tracking

I like throwing spaghetti at the wall just as much as anyone. I do that on the weekends for fun - not as my real job. When we develop content, we want to make sure it has it's purpose and we are tracking the success. If I didn't have that spreadsheet showing that angel hair sticks longer than rotini, how else would I win the weekend tournaments?

Page Optimization

The first rule about content marketing is that we don't talk about the rules of content marketing. The second rule of content marketing is that we don't use cliche lines from Fight Club. Although there aren't really 'rules', we do suggest strongly we follow these 'guidelines' when posting content.


Link Building

Sometimes it's nice to have a sleepover. Sure, your house is comfortable and you know where all the good snacks are - but eating other peoples food is fun. Getting your name on other people's websites is an important way to get followers and new views. Drink some Surge and stay up until 4am.

Web Analytics

Where do they come from and what do they do? Kindergarten Cop anyone? Knowing what your users are reading, what they are clicking on, and where they go after they are done reading helps us determine so many things. Maybe your blog on "Best Winter Socks to Wear in Summer" didn't go over too well. Let's adjust and maybe delete out that "Best Summer Socks to Wear in Winter" draft.

The Content is Published

Eric Hersey's Content Marketing Projects

Content Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Web Design
Web Development

Volunteer Recruitment WordPress Website

When a client doesn't have a large budget, you find ways to save them money anyway you can. Finding an acceptable free Wordpress Theme is a solution.

Cutting Edge, Marketing HubSpot Website

Learning a new CMS and language is not a fun thing to do - especially when your first project is for the company selling the product. It was a learning curve, but we came out smarter.

Convenient, Local Store Website Development

Having several locations with unique offerings and specials can be tricky. Making sure each location has a brand to promote to their audience was our main goal and we crushed it.

Internal Employee & Marketing Website Combination

Sometimes you have a website for the customers and other times you have a website for your employees. Every now and then, you get both in one package.

Sleek Business Website

When you are asked to take pictures of glass, how do avoid the glare? Luckily, I'm not taking the pictures but making the slick website that showcases the work.

Local Business Equipment Website

When service is a top priority, how do you get your customers to understand this before actually 'working' with you? Our goal was to provide great service to this client, who provides great service.

I could ask you to enter your email address to get a Free E-book right now.

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Not interested in my book, maybe you would prefer some of my blogs and thoughts.

They are basically the same as my journal entries.

Give them a try.

Thoughts on Content Marketing

Eric Hersey's Blog (Also Considered Content Marketing)

Time flies when you are reading about Content Marketing. Back to the top of the page for you. Move along.

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