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I venture to say I listen to the most podcasts out of anyone in the entire Wheeling-Steubenville area. My whole job is sitting at a computer and typing. Yes, my ears are available and I cram them full of beautiful audio. When I am done for the day, I wind down by watching vloggers on YouTube on my Apple TV. I might be your typical media consumer, but I understand modern audio and video marketing.

Social Video

Sometimes your video doesn't have to come from a thousand dollar studio. Content creators are picking up their phones and filming - and gaing tons and tons of followers doing it. If you don't have a clue where to start, that's where I come in.


I made my first podcast before I even knew how to get it on iTunes. Since then, there are more and more options to download, listen, and subscribe. If you want to get your voice out there and don't feel like blogging, we can get you on Radio 2.0.

Vlogs & Live Stream

If you are an interesting person and can talk, you can be a proud owner of a new VLOG! To be honest, you don't even have to be that interesting. You probably don't even have to talk. You just have to film yourself. Even if you are going to be boring...and mute. I won't promise an audience though.

Television Commercials

Local television commercials come in all shapes and sizes. I can make you look super local. I can make you look like you should be in next years Big Game. I can also make you look like you are from the '80s. Whatever floats your boat, we can make it happen for 15 to 30 seconds.


Documentary & Short Films

If you are like me, you love a documentary. People sitting in a chair and talking to a reporter that you can't see - Amazing stuff. Voiceovers and slow zooms on old pictures - The stuff of magic. If you have a screenplay (or need help writing one), let's get you in a room with a 3-point lighting and lets talk about it.

Animations & Video Graphics

Adobe After Effects was one of the last programs I learned in High School. Actually, I wasn't even sure what I was learning. It seemed like I could do all of that in Premiere. I was wrong and learned quickly that if you want to make some awesome effects, well, you needed After Effects. You need a lightning bolt hitting a car or just a nice lower-third, I can hook you up.

Uploading Videos Now

Eric Hersey's Audio & Video Projects

Video Production

Hard-Hitting Website Code

When you learn new skills, you want to put them to use. Good thing I had some favors to repay and some new code I wanted to 'work-out'.

Not sure if you have the voice for a podcast or the face for video. These are both questions that I can't answer until you reach out and setup a meeting with me.

No big deal. We can talk later. In the meantime, feel free to read my thoughts on video and audio production.

Audio/Video Blogs and Articles

Eric Hersey's Not Vlog but Blog

2023: Year of Dreams

I had no expectations for 2023. When December 2022 came to a close, I had no major goals written down or action items that I must accomplish. I mean, I had the normal yearly goals.  But those happen every year. They last for as long…

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