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Yes, you can do your own social media. Why do you want to pay someone to help you with something that is free and easy? That’s a fantastic question that I can try and answer.

Social Media can be a very generic term. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all seem pretty easy. We start to add on Pinterest, SnapChat, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google things get a little more complex. Do you need to have all of these accounts? How do you cater your message for the different platforms? Should I pay for advertising on these or just hope for organic reach?

If you have the answers and want to put the time and effort into getting it right, maybe I can help you with something else. If not, let’s discuss social media.

And please, please, please don’t use pixelated graphics on your posts! As a graphic designer, I just can’t take it.

Insights & Analytics

How many Likes did your Facebook post get? Does Likes even matter for this post? We were looking to get website clicks. Not all posts on social media are created equally and not all metrics are graded equally. I can help you find out what goals matter and teach you how to succeed.


Sometimes you need to throw your logo on a stock photo. Other times you really want to turn some heads with your cutting edge graphic. No matter what, you should make sure your graphics and post are optimized for the right network and device. What's the standard post size for Facebook again?

Social Advertising

Sponsored content is important most digital marketing plans. Take advantage of all that information the social networks are getting from their users and reach the audience that matters. If you have a special sale or only want to reach parents of kids that play hockey, social media advertising can help.


If you are looking to grow your audience, give stuff away. It's that simple. Find a valuable object - tell people to Like and Share your stuff - and give it away. Ummm...but what about rules and regulations? Yeah, maybe it's not that easy. Let me handle those pesky details.


Trending Topics

#It #is #annoying #when #every #post #is #slammed #with #hastags. Being part of trending topics is important but not every post needs to be seen by the guy in Alaska searching for local attorneys. Finding the right hashtag and trending topic can help you get real customers.

Audience Segmentation

The wonders of advertising takes over. Selling radio, television, and billboards rely on finding the perfect demographic and smacking them in the face with your ad (frequency/reach). The beauty of audience segmentation on social media, we only smack the right customers.

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Eric Hersey's Social Media Marketing Projects

Social Media

Hard-Hitting Website Code

When you learn new skills, you want to put them to use. Good thing I had some favors to repay and some new code I wanted to 'work-out'.

Database Driven Fantasy Football Website

If you want to talk about a passion project, let's talk about making a custom fantasy football website. Find out how I managed to take over ten years of stats and turn it into a dynamic database.

Now is a good time to head over to your favorite social network and give my page a visit. You will find regurgitated information from my blog there - in microblog form.

Maybe you would rather just talk to me in standard web form.

If you are still here, go ahead and take a look at some of my blogs.

Use that share button and show me some love on your favorite network.

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Unlike most social networks, we don't have an infinite feed on this page. You can keep scrolling but I promise, you won't see any additional dog GIFs showing up.

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