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Web Design Services may only have seventeen letters but is jammed packed with lots of content. Some freelancers might just list Web Design or Development. There is so much more to a website than picking the correct fonts and making sure the buttons interact when you hover. I like to focus on the whole process. From creating the outline, installing the tracking codes, and checking our page rank score. You might want to use a drag and drop editor since they advertised $25 a month during your favorite football game. Don’t be fooled during halftime. Making your own website (correctly) is not that easy. It helps to have a huge nerd on your team (like me).

Website Design

We say 'Web Design' as if it's the entire process. Actually, the 'design' is just one little part. Little isn't the best way to describe. More like one-third of the whole Making a Website Process.

Website Development

This is all Left Brain. Developing a website usually deals with round (brackets), square [brackets], curly {braces}, periods, and lots of whitespace. If you like NotePad and can stare into a screen (for hours) looking for that missing punction mark, you might be a developer.

Content Creation

Websites start with CONTENT. Although many people think the pretty design comes first (I know you need that big slideshow on your homepage) - content is still king. You have a message to get out. Let's focus on that and lure that design in with a dog treat.

User Experience (UX)

Should I put this button here or there? Maybe this font color should be #0d0d21 instead of #000000. Do you think this paragraph has too many characters before the @media break? How you cosume the web and the ease of use is important to me and should be important to you.

Website Analytics

If your website was only made to be a great piece of art, we would have created it on a canvas. Your website should act as a tool in helping you grow or enhance your business. Finding out where people are visiting from, what they are reading, and what they are clicking is important. Most important.

Web Accessibility

The web is for everyone and should be created for everyone. If you want to view a webpage without styles (CSS) or would prefer a screenreader, I want to give you that option. Actually, it's my job to give you that option.

Speed & Optimization

I live in the country with pretty slow Internet. If your website won't load within a few seconds, I am on to the next guy that wants my money. There are ways you can speed up your site without reducing quality. I know how to do that.

Website Security & Backups

Hackers, spammers, and annoying bots stand no chance against my crew. We keep up with the latest and greatest ways to keep your data secure, private, and safe. Just make sure you create a strong password.

Content Marketing

You can call it blogging. You can call it inbound marketing. You can call it whatever you want. The name doesn't matter. What does matter is the website content you are creating and distributing to your audience. I will build the framework and you can build that trust with your users.

But What Does It Cost?

Eric Hersey's Very Visible and Transparent Web Design Prices

Limited Customization

(A) Web Site

Are you a startup? Maybe you have a website but it was made in 2007. Is Hibu charging you $500/month for a three-page website? I have options to help.
I can create you a mobile-friendly, responsive website that won't break the bank. This option comes with 7 pages and personalized branding.
Web Design (Pre-built WordPress Theme)
Web Development (WordPress Plugins)
Web Analytics (Setup)
Web Content (Client Provided)
UX Design (Pre-built WordPress Theme)
Web Accessibility (Pre-Built WordPress Theme)
Images and Graphics (Stock & Client Provided)
Speed & Optimization (Basics)
Website Security & Backups (Defaults)
Content Marketing
More Customization


$ 5,000
Are you ready to go to the next level? If people can't find your website because it is buried on the fifth page of Google, let's beef up.
Let's make a content-rich website (20 pages), filled with the keywords you want to rank for. We can customize a theme and focus on getting those website clicks.
Web Design (Pre-built WordPress Theme)
Web Development (WordPress Plugins)
Web Analytics (Setup with Dashboard)
Web Content (Created from Scratch)
UX Design (Pre-built WordPress Theme)
Web Accessibility (Pre-Built WordPress Theme)
Images and Graphics (Stock & Client Provided)
Speed & Optimization (Keyword Focus)
Website Security & Backups (Defaults)
Content Marketing (Pages)
So Much Customization


$ 7,500
It's time to own the market. This SMART website is optimized for growth and you have the control.
We will work together to create a digital marketing plan, make the modifications needed to fit your brand, and dominate the Search Engines. Make as many pages as you need to get your point across.
Web Design (Customized WordPress Theme)
Web Development (Customized WordPress Plugins)
Web Analytics (Dashboard and Reports)
Web Content (Keyword Optimized & Created)
UX Design (Pre-built WordPress Theme)
Web Accessibility (Pre-Built WordPress Theme)
Images and Graphics (Customized for Brand)
Speed & Optimization (Enhanced)
Website Security & Backups (Upgraded)
Content Marketing (Setup & Optimized)

Still not sure if you need a website or even want me to help you build one? It's okay.

Just keep scrolling and take a look at some of my projects.

The Proof is Here!

Eric Hersey's Web Design Work

Web Design
Web Development

Electric Local Business Website

Starting from scratch can be easy or it can be difficult. It usually depends on how well the client can communicate their business to you and your ability to make that enjoyable for a user.

Comfortable Healthcare Website

Getting the exact information needed for the users is important. Sometimes you can get it done in one draft and sometimes it takes some edits.

Volunteer Recruitment WordPress Website

When a client doesn't have a large budget, you find ways to save them money anyway you can. Finding an acceptable free Wordpress Theme is a solution.

Convenient, Local Store Website Development

Having several locations with unique offerings and specials can be tricky. Making sure each location has a brand to promote to their audience was our main goal and we crushed it.

Franchisee Single-Page Website

When you need a website done quick for an upcoming sale, you find your best option and get working. Beauty takes a backseat to practical.

Database Driven Fantasy Football Website

If you want to talk about a passion project, let's talk about making a custom fantasy football website. Find out how I managed to take over ten years of stats and turn it into a dynamic database.

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