“I can’t take it any more!”

How many times have you made that statement after scrolling through your social media feed?

Social Media Feed Frustration for Negativity

Are you tired of all negativity?

Tired of the heated debates about wearing a mask or not wearing a mask?

Sick of seeing all-out verbal warfare when it comes to politics?

Shocked by “friends” who are posting things or replying to posts saying things they would NEVER ever say to someone in person?

Are you sick of all the downright mean content, the doom and gloom and the harsh criticisms?

I know I am, and it didn’t just start with this pandemic. But boy has it ever exploded since then.

It’s enough to make you want to throw your phone or at least swear off social media.

But before you do that, let me tell you something.

There is a way to see the things you really want to see, without having to scroll through all that “trash” to get to it.

So let me share with you five things you can do right now, that can get you to start enjoying social media again.

1. Scroll On By on your Social Media Feeds

If there is a subject that you know is going to trigger a negative reaction in you, scroll on. Don’t even go there. That way you will not be tempted to engage.

Scroll on Facebook to Avoid Social Media Frustration

You know what triggers you, politics, animal abuse, sports teams, starving children, anti-vaxxers, etc. Don’t stop, read it, and get triggered. Just keep scrolling. This can be a very challenging thing you do. But it is the first step in getting rid of the negative content.

2. Don’t Hit Any of the “Like” “Love” “Hate” “Wow” buttons

Don't Like, Love, Hate, or Wow Social Media Comments

And for heaven’s sake don’t share. Because of the algorithm on Facebook in particular, anything you click, or share is recorded as content you like to engage in. Regardless if you do or not, Facebook analyzes that up as content you like engaging in, and so you start seeing more and more of it.

3. Do NOT comment!!

It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree. Don’t comment on a post you if you don’t want to see more of that kind of content. Many times, I find myself wanting to defend the underdog who is in the middle of a verbal battle on a controversial subject. Or I want to explain why I think differently when someone posts something I feel is hateful, spiteful, or nasty and then I have to remember this rule and refrain from typing.

Comments on Social Media

First, you are never going to change someone’s mind who posted something that triggers you. Secondly, the more you engage, the more Facebook will start sending you posts from all your crazy friends on both sides of this issue.

4. Use the UNFOLLOW or UNFRIEND buttons on your Social Media Feeds


UNFOLLOW friends who tend to post content you feel is objectionable. I say unfollow instead of unfriend because outside of one or two narrow areas of interest, where they are totally crazy, they might be good people and they could be family. It might just better to quietly unfollow them, so you no longer have to witness their ignorance.

Use the UNFRIEND button when you have no interest in what that person has to say ever again, whether on line or in person.

UNFRIEND can also be a way to draw a clear line in the sand of what you are willing to tolerate.

5. Start “Liking”, commenting, and sharing the posts that you want to see

Like Share Love What you Want to See on Social Media

The more cute goat yoga videos you like, the more delicious recipes you share, the more heartwarming stories you comment on, the more you will start making your social media feeds engaging, uplifting, happy, and kinder! When you start engaging in what you want to see instead of what you don’t want to see, the more awesome content will be delivered to your newsfeed.


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