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SEOs everywhere (yes, that is what we call ourselves) know the importance of showing up on search engines. My hope is that's how you found me today. Not only is search engine optimization a very affordable approach to advertising, the content tends to be evergreen. That page you created five years ago about "The Best Locations in the Wheeling, West Virginia to Eat a Fish Sandwich on Friday during the third week of March" still shows up #1!

Keyword Tracking

There are very few people in the universe that can be everywhere at once. Maybe Doctor Strange. Maybe Doctor Who. Maybe Doctor Him. Unless you are one of these doctors, you need some tracking help. When people search your keyword in Steubenville and then search the same in St. Clairsville - they get different results. My tools tell you what you are ranking for, where you are ranking, and we use less doctors.

Algorithm Updates

What those ornery search engines do is always a mystery. Lots of smart people try and reverse engineer their algorithm to get the necessary results. I'm not one of those guys - but I listen to all of their podcasts and read their blogs. Unless you want to do that, I am the best option you have.

Domain & Page Authority

What kind of student were you? Did you stress out if you got a A-? Did you just feel happy to pass with a C+? Each website has a 'grade'. Tools out there help us determine your grade and even indivual grades for each page. I hope you studied hard for the exam. Report cards are coming soon.

Site Outlines

Research papers were not much fun. I remember doing one on the Loch Ness Monster. That project wasn't too bad. Did you know the famous photo was indeed a fake???? Sorry...sorry, I got sidetracked. Search engines read your website like an outline (what you do for research papers). The way your developer designed your page could really help/hurt your rank. Don't let Google see 'No text content inside H3'.


Link Building

You better bust out that rolodex and start making some calls. You better bust out that dictionary and find out what a rolodex is. You better bust our your search engine and find out what a dictionary is.

Link building is an important factor in domain authority and rank. Let's start getting your name out there.

Web Analytics

Analytics plays a huge factor in so many digital marketing campaigns. No surprise that web analytics contribute to your page rank. Using analytics to attract new visitors, new website clicks, and better bounce rates can increase your visibility on the Bing and Google. So for the sake of my website, click on some links!

Speed & Optimization

You can't have Search Engine Optimization without the Optimization. You also can't get significant traffic without Speed. How many keywords are on a page and how fast that page loads are factors - huge factors - in determining how many people will see you on that first page on the SERP.

Website Security

SSL Certificates were a bit foreign to me until the browsers started nagging me about my websites. If you don't have that lock next to your URL, you are asking for someone to come steal your rank. HTTPS should be used for every website: for rank and for security.

Content Marketing

Getting that fresh content on your website is super important. You know you have to blog but are struck with writers block. Good thing I have the tools that tell you what people are searching for on the Internet and what keywords you have the best chance to rank for. You better make a blog about "Free Ohio Valley Images" before I get to it.

Optimized and Ready

Eric Hersey's SEO Work

Search Engine Optimization

Higher Learning WordPress Website

Being a helper in a project doesn't bother me. Now and then, you just need a guy that will tell you where to put stuff and why. I enjoy being the boss.

Cutting Edge, Marketing HubSpot Website

Learning a new CMS and language is not a fun thing to do - especially when your first project is for the company selling the product. It was a learning curve, but we came out smarter.

Bombshell Custom CMS Website

Making a pretty website is not always the main objective. Although this custom CMS website worked perfectly for me, it wasn't the best option for the client. Find out what lessons I learned.

Adventurous, Outdoors Tourism Website

It's so much fun when you get awesome photos to play with for a website. It's even better when you have extra time and extra skills to showcase.

Modern, Professional Attorney WordPress Website

When you work with a well-known, trusted brand - you make sure you pay special attention to detail. See how we enhanced their digital game and I managed to avoid 'typos'.

It's time to make a decision.

Not to buy or anything - I'm a no pressure kind-of-guy.

The bottom of the page is coming.

Maybe you want to read some blogs.

They can entertain you and they can help my ranking.


Thoughts on SEO

Eric Hersey's Optimized Blog (For Search, of course)

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