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I have been creating logos and design work since MS Paint. I was good then and I am even better now. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator have been used on a daily basis since 2001. Although I am no longer altering my favorite bands cover art, I still get great enjoyment in creating new digital works of art.

Whether you need help laying out a print ad (yeah, I also know InDesign), need a logo made for your fantasy football team, or are looking to get a giant billboard on Route 7, I can help with quality graphic design.


Logos are everywhere. You can't walk outside without being smacked in the face with a few hundred logos. You can't even walk inside without being inundated with thousands of logos. Millions of logos are lined up to talk with you right now. Make sure your logo sticks out.

Style Guides

"Give me a good color scheme or give me death". Patrick Henry said that. No, not that Patrick Henry. The Patrick Henry I know from Orlando. The guy that puts together those pretty branding guides for location businesses on I4. Yeah, he taught me everything I know about style guides and branding.


Don't get me wrong, for the longest time I didn't understand bleeds. I made images too large. I made images too small. I created in the wrong resolution. Do we use RGB or CMYK??? Let my learning experiences save you time and money.

Digital Graphics

#1 Eating, #2 Walking #3 Taking #4 Making Graphics on a Computer. That is my shortlist of items I have been doing the longest. I can't say I was placed on this planet to make digital graphics, but no one has told me that I wasn't placed on this planet to make digital graphics. Think about it.


Stock Photography

I know a guy that can get you real good stock photography. Let me jot down his address on this small, crumbled up piece of paper. Hold on. I am that guy. Actually, we can make you 'stock' photography. Like - good enough graphics that you think someone paid for them but they are in locations people know and relate to. The good stuff.


If you are putting that image on the web, we need to get rid of some of those pixels. Let's bring that graphic into the shop and let me work my magic. A little bit here, a little bit there, voilà! A perfectly optimized image!

Your Graphic is Ready

Eric Hersey's Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic Design

Colorful, Multi-Product Website

Even clients from Pittsburgh choose the Ohio Valley for affordable and creative solutions. When I got to work with a paint company, I stayed within the lines.

Bombshell Custom CMS Website

Making a pretty website is not always the main objective. Although this custom CMS website worked perfectly for me, it wasn't the best option for the client. Find out what lessons I learned.

Single Location Commerce Website

Dealing with national brands can be a huge positive. Learning how to leverage these national brands to get local website traffic is difficult, but we know how to get the job done.

Internal Employee & Marketing Website Combination

Sometimes you have a website for the customers and other times you have a website for your employees. Every now and then, you get both in one package.

Medical Program WordPress Website

Converting your old HTML website can be problematic. Old technology means a lot of copy and pasting and lots of manual labor. Being organized is important to ensure you don't leave anything out.

Electric Local Business Website

Starting from scratch can be easy or it can be difficult. It usually depends on how well the client can communicate their business to you and your ability to make that enjoyable for a user.

Maybe you would prefer a nice PDF of my work sent directly to your email.

I'm not really doing that kind of thing, but you can make that request.

No questions? Okay, take a look at some of my latest articles and blogs talking about Graphic Design and Branding.

Graphic Design Topics and Articles

Eric Hersey's Graphic Design Blog

2023: Year of Dreams

I had no expectations for 2023. When December 2022 came to a close, I had no major goals written down or action items that I must accomplish. I mean, I had the normal yearly goals.  But those happen every year. They last for as long…

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Back in the day I would have a pretty cool graphic with an up arrow or something. Now we just use web graphics (like the one to your right).

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