For the last month, I have been giving recommendations to listen to single episodes of podcasts. Today, I break away from the norm to suggest to subscribe to a series: Business Wars.

The Premise of Business Wars

Don’t we all love a grudge match?

Business Wars, produced by podcast juggernaut Wondery, pits two businesses against each other and tells their story. The host, David Brown, tells the elaborate backstory with various voices and sound effects. These half-hour episodes fly by and you can’t wait for the next chapter. Most feuds last 4-6 episodes and are great for binge listening.

My History with Business Wars

During my travels to Walt Disney World, I listen to about 20 hours of podcasts on my drive there and back. On a recent trip, I noticed my fantasy football podcast had a special called “USFL vs NFL”. I had to listen. It was a special preview to the Business Wars series on my fantasy football feed. This sneak preview immediately had me go over to the Business War feed and subscribe.

Luckily for me, this season was well into the podcast history. I had an entire back catalog to binge. I started in Georgia and finished several seasons by the time I made it to Ohio.

Some Podcasting Favorites

I’ve listened to nearly every season and really enjoyed:

  • Browser Wars
  • NFL vs USFL
  • Netflix vs. Blockbuster
  • Napster vs Record Labels

There are plenty more. Right now, they are publishing an Eric Hersey classic: WWE vs WCW. Anyone that knows me understands the impact of this feud – to me personally. I could write a dozen blogs alone on this rivalry.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated Almanac for 1998. WCW vs. WWF
Yes, 1998 Eric Hersey was so TEAM WWF that I circled the categories ‘we’ won in this PWI Almanac.

Business Wars has also created a daily series, but I often pick and choose which episodes are worth my 5 minutes.