I was an early adopter in the podcast trend. I’m not saying I was the first in the Ohio Valley to discover podcast, but I was definitely in the first 10%. My brother introduced me to the idea and my first podcast was The Nerdist. I loved the idea I could listen to conversations between my favorite personalities.

Soon I discovered that it wasn’t just celebrity interviews. I found topic-specific podcasts. The Fantasy Focus was an amazing podcast about fantasy football that seemed like a morning talk show. The Art of Wrestling was an independent wrestler Colt Cabana talking to other wrestlers. I even found a few scripted podcasts that seemed more like documentaries. After a year or so of just listening, I even attempted and produced a few of my own. Along with some friends, we recorded some comedy podcasts that I hosted on my early websites. These podcasts never made their way to Apple and were lost over the years.

Since I have discovered countless podcasts about every imaginable topic. I have sampled podcasts about the stock market, the paranormal, inventors, music, and even podcasting. The majority of my entertainment intake is Podcasts.

How Many Podcasts Do I Consume?

I just counted and I am subscribed to 128 podcasts. Some are daily, some release multiple episodes per week, and others release once a month. I have a few that are 15 minutes an episode and others that are two-plus hours. There is a lot of content to be consumed.

If you do the math, there is no way I have enough time to listen to all of these. You are correct, I am selective on the topics and episodes I listen to. Most importantly, I have trained my brain to listen to everything at 2x speed. Yes, many of my podcasters might sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks to the common ear. But, I can consume twice as much content by having them sped up a bit.

Since I work alone at a computer the majority of the day, I always have something playing.

If I am writing code – podcast.

As I am designing – podcast.

While I review analytics – podcasts.

If I am writing – music (some things my brain just can’t handle).

If I work for 10 hours in a day, I’m probably consuming 18 hours worth of content.

What Podcast Will I Recommend?

I do have a very diverse catalog of subscriptions. Currently, I subscribe to several categories/genres:

  • SEO and Website Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic and Web Design
  • WordPress
  • Fantasy Football
  • History and Biographical
  • Comedy
  • Professional Wrestling
  • Television and Movie Reviews
  • Finance
  • News
  • Disney Parks Planning and History

There are other podcast categories but I covered the majority. Considering most of you are here for website and marketing tips, I don’t expect you to care about my Disney podcasts. I might, however, share an episode of a Finance podcast because they review some small business tips and tricks.

The goal is to recommend episodes and podcasts that bring value to your life.

Each week (Monday) I will give you a podcast and a reason why you should listen. Piggyback on my crazy listening habits and let me filter out the noise so you can hear the buzz.