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Ron Burgundy - That Doesn't Make Any Sense

Why would Eric recommend a podcast staring the fictional character Ron Burgundy?

Ron Burgundy - Breaking through wall

The answer is easy. This podcast might be the only time you can hear about Cyber Security and actually stay entertained.

The Premise of the Ron Burgundy Podcast

The podcast is not that old. It launched earlier this year and I was a subscriber since day one. I really enjoyed Anchorman and nearly everything Will Ferrel has done. It was an obvious choice to add to my weekly listen.

Anchorman on DVD - from Blockbuster in Wheeling WV
You see that correctly, I purchased a used copy of Anchorman from Blockbuster.

Ron, not Will, is the host of this weekly podcast. Carolina, his assistant, joins him on the podcast. Ron interviews an expert from a dedicated topic. There were occasional episodes that it was just Ron and Carolina, but most of the time he has a third member.

Ron Burgundy is just like in the movies. He will rift on various topics, continue to be non-PC, and get caught in various lies. Just envision Ron sitting at the news desk talking for a half-hour. If that is something you would like, you should subscribe.

Bad Podcast Reviews
It was really funny to see the reviews after the first few episodes. There were a few that thought Ron Burgundy was a real host. Others thought it wasn’t going to be a choreographed trainwreck.
Ron Burgundy I Don't Like It

Why This Episode? – Cyber Security

Ron invites Richard Greenberg on the show to discuss several topics. Granted, most of the topics are only one line – but that’s enough to get some good advice.

  • Ron asks about getting a strong password. I suggest everyone look into a program called Dashlane.
  • Richard explains the difference between good hackers and bad hackers and the Dark Web.
  • The big question about online terms and conditions come up – should you read???

The interview starts around the 5 minutes 40-second mark. It lasts nearly the rest of the 30-minute episode.

Listen Now

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Ron Burgundy - Regret This Decision
Ron Burgundy - Stay Classy