Sure, you created a new blog and some online expert is telling you to repurpose that information into FIVE new pieces of content. They call you stupid for not taking advantage of the hard work and time you spent creating your article.

  • Pull quotes and make graphics.
  • Create audio snippets and post them on Instagram.
  • Summarize some of the points and email blast your users.

No one will argue that these steps help move the needle and should be done.

The real question isn’t if this works, but who is going to do this extra work?

Freelance Disaster

Web designers have very little overhead. I pay for a few subscriptions and tools, but overall expenses remain low. I’m only accepting jobs that I can do from start to finish. I make the timelines. If a client needs a website done by a certain date and I’m already booked, I make the decision to cram in the work or offer a different deadline. Sometimes I lose the job, but I never have to worry about overbooking myself.

Eric Hersey Designing Websites from Home

Even though I keep my business super efficient, I hate leaving opportunities on the table. I realized this early on and thought it would make sense to work with some freelancers.

I sought out a few local web designers and ‘interviewed’ them for potential jobs. Knowing that I had some additional help, I took on several jobs that I normally would have passed on (because of time constraints).

Cutting right to the end, it didn’t work. I ended up doing most of the work last minute just so I could avoid having egg on my face with my new clients. The freelancers left me with lackluster content and poor design. 

The freelancers were not 100% to blame. I should have been more explicit about my goals and expectations. I took for granted that not everyone has the same work ethic and hustle mentality. It’s fair that I blame myself for hiring freelancers that would have never passed a real interview. I saw an opportunity and was blinded by the warning signs.

More so, I wasn’t ready to work with freelance web designers.

A Book and A Plan

Years went by and I told myself I would not get into that situation again. Instead of hiring help, I would just create a lifestyle business and only take on projects I could do – without help.

Who was I fooling?

A lifestyle business sounds great on paper. I wanted to make enough money to send my kids to awesome schools and go to Disney World a few times a year. But just doing enough frustrates me.

Lauren and Eric Hersey - Digital Powerhouse

Both Lauren (my wife) and I are labeled as extra. Nothing we do comes off as simple. Small birthday parties end up costing triple the time, effort, and money. You want me to speak at a meeting? Sure, I’ll create a 50 page PowerPoint with interactive elements. Running a lifestyle business just wasn’t going to work for me mentally.

Recommended 3 Times – eMyth

I have a rule. If I am recommended something three times or by three people, I try it. This usually applies to television shows, movies, or music. This time it was a book.

I kept hearing podcasters reference the E-Myth book. They said it changed how they run a business. Finally, I went to Amazon and ordered the book (this is an affiliate link if you want to buy it). It came, I took a photo for Instagram, and it sat on my shelf.

EricHerseyWeb Instagram Feed

Until last month.

I finished the book in less than a week. I’m not saying it was life changing, but it said what I needed to hear. I can’t do everything myself and expect to grow the business like I want.

Just because I had the wrong freelancers the first time around doesn’t mean this will happen every time.

I needed a better plan.

New Help – Freelance and Virtual Assistants

An important part of the book and something they is referenced in my podcast recommendation is having help. There is a whole section in the book discussing who you should hire. Hiring talented and skilled laborers are actually not what matters most. Your plan is what truly matters.

I’m not going to try and summarize a book in one paragraph, but an overall theme is to make your business franchisable. Have rules and guidelines in place that everything is consistent and predictable. This is great for customers, employees, and business owners.

I know how I make websites. I’ll do the same thing over and over, with every client. But when I asked a freelancer to help, they did it differently and I was disappointed. What if I gave them explicit directions and a process? Would they have delivered better results?

Eric Hersey Web Design Process

More importantly, what if I can create a process that anyone can follow? I wouldn’t be limited to the three or four local web designers. I can find people I like and trust and give them directions. This sounds like a way better idea.

The funny thing is, I’ve been creating a process and outline for years. I’ve been doing it for myself, so I can do a better job budgeting out time and value. I never thought of this as a way to grow my business.

Virtual Assistants

If your not familiar with virtual assistants, don’t worry. I wasn’t either.

You can find virtual assistants online. Having a stranger help you with administrative work might seem strange, but imagine all the time you can save by enlisting help. Virtual assistants are self-employed remote workers.

There are several great sources online that can help match you up with a great virtual assistant.

Now Back to Repurposing Content

When you put your hard work and time into creating a podcast, video, or blog – squeeze out all of the juice you can get. But don’t you do it. Have someone else help.

It’s not hard for a helper to read your article and grab those quotes. It’s not rocket science to use Canva and make a new graphic for Instagram. Let your freelance help setup the email blast.

You Help should repurpose your content.

The Podcast: “10 Ways to Repurpose ONE Single Piece of Content”

Amy Porterfield does some housekeeping at the start of the show (start at 7 minutes). Her examples are primarily geared towards podcasting – but can be taken for other forms as well. Learn how to repurpose content from an expert. Enjoy.