I proudly call myself a Lifelong learner. Every morning I give myself goals and one of those goals is to learn something new. This could be as simple as learning a new trick for coding a website or a new tool to increase efficiency. Sometimes I look to add new information to my ‘database’ about hobbies.

Most intellectuals swear by reading. They encourage you to read daily. Sometimes this is a newspaper article, blog, or a book. I agree with their suggestion but find it difficult in practice. My brain is moving a mile a minute and I am always scattering around the house. It is difficult to read a book and feed my 2-year-old. Instead, I turned to audiobooks.

Audiobooks are fantastic. They are usually done in a studio and professionally recorded. You can speed up the book and finish in half the time (2x speed). Better yet, you can multitask and be hands-free while ‘reading’.

The major problem with Audiobooks – there are not enough of them.

Since audiobooks are harder to produce, you typically have to have a large audience interested. The more niche the book, the less likely it will be provided in an audio format.

That’s where podcasts come in.

Podcasts are great for audio learners. You can find nearly any topic and expand your knowledge while driving, working out, or cleaning the house. Podcasts, although they can be for large audiences, are often best when you talk about a niche topic. My favorite podcasts deal with very niche sections of niche topics.

It should be no surprise that I also have my favorite niche Walt Disney World podcasts.

The Premise of Retro Disney World Podcast

Retro Disney World Podcast is a group of passionate Walt Disney World fans that get together and pick apart and dissect a ‘retro’ portion of Walt Disney World. The name says it all!

I absolutely love old Walt Disney World videos, images, and books. Even though my first visit was in 2010, I find myself being nostalgic about what happened in the early days of the park. In 2014 (when I finally realized this was becoming a huge hobby), I watched hours and hours of old Disney Park specials on YouTube. The history of how the attractions and park was made was far more fantastical than just ‘meeting characters and going on rides’.

I discovered The Retro Disney World Podcast early in my fandom. The hosts talked for several hours about the intricate details of specific lands and attractions. This was the exact niche information I was looking for.

Since the podcast started, the hosts have also developed a pretty extensive website with images and documents. They have also started a non-profit to help restore and preserve many of these attractions.

Learn more about RetroWDW and The Lake Buena Vista Historical Society.

Why Did I Pick a Podcast about Retro Walt Disney World?

I have drafted several blogs about my passion for Disney Theme Parks. I have yet to finally submit because it is such a difficult thing to put into words. The common thought is that a middle-aged dude should not like Disney. I guess this makes sense. If I ran into a 40-year-old guy with a Barbie T-Shirt on, I might have questions. I wouldn’t judge, but I would be curious.

Even though I fail to explain (numerous times per month) to friends, family, or clients – I try to keep it simple when explaining my fandom for Disney Parks.

Attention to Detail

As a designer (graphic/web), attention to detail is something that turns a decent project into something great. You can truly see the connection when you talk about the creation of the Disney Parks and how their attention to detail made them stand out.

Although there are many other items that I love about Disney World (food, attractions, history), most can be simplified to the details. The hosts of the Retro Disney World Podcast understand and highlight the details of each attraction/resort and bring to light why it matters.

The Podcast: Retro Disney World Podcast

There are many, many podcasts worth listening to. I am still waiting for my Journey Into Imagination episode, but the hosts talking about EPCOT Center will do.